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Let's Revolutionize
the Go Education All Over the World

Who We Are

The International Go Education Federation (IGEF), established in 2023, was originally formed by members from 3 countries (regions), 34 educational institutions, and over 200 Go education professionals. With the support of AI, big data, and cloud learning from Goer Tech. Inc., the federation has established international promotion offices worldwide to advocate for Go education. By integrating online and offline educational resources and hosting the International Go Qualification Examination (IGQE), IGEF has accumulated more than 20,000 users, making a significant contribution to the global popularization of Go.

Our Purpose


What We Do

We created a new way to measure Go level with AI. 


The International Go Qualification Examination (IGQE), developed by the International Go Education Federation (IGEF), is a go proficiency test for go learners. IGQE consists of 19 levels, and each level is measured objectively with AI. Test-takers can quickly understand their current go proficiency and set learning goals accordingly.

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